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We have been on the phone with our cherry-picked banks that offer HELOC's and because of the impact that the virus is having on the economy, banks are tightening their guidelines. Here are our recommendations.

  • RIGHT NOW is a great time to lock in a HELOC and get ready for a recession. Pay down your balance faster than a mortgage and play good defense with your finances.
  • To be accepted as a client, we are raising our recommended guideline to a 680 credit score or above instead of the normal 640 that is our standard.
  • To be accepted as a client, we are also recommending that you have 20% or more equity in your home OR put a 20% down payment if you want to do a purchase HELOC.
  • Lastly, if you have had any credit issues in the past 10 years like a bankruptcy, we are not recommending to become an RYM client at the moment as bank guidelines are getting tighter.

We CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH that this is a GREAT time to implement the strategy and get ahead with your finances so book a call today. Take advantage of this opportunity for your family.

Don't wait because the banks are very busy at the moment.

Your next step...The Discover Call

Before you even think about reaching out to banks and credit unions to inquire about getting a HELOC, it's crucial that you have someone run your numbers to make sure that a HELOC makes sense for you or not.

The last thing you want to do is replace your mortgage with a HELOC only to have made a very costly mistake.

We get together with dozens of families per day to run their numbers absolutely free and with no commitment. In fact, we got the permission of the homeowners below to record the call so that you can listen in to get an idea of what to expect when you book your free call.

Preparing for your call...

It's math...not magic. There are no smoke and mirrors. Let us prove it by crunching your own numbers for you at no charge.

TEXAS RESIDENTS: Unfortunately, HELOC laws are different in Texas so we do not service Texas at this time. Sorry about that! Please do not schedule a call.

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It's math, not magic.


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