How Paul in Arizona Paid Off $13,100 of Principal in 4 Months

What was your mortgage situation prior to starting with Replace Your Mortgage?

We had a 30-year fixed mortgage with a beginning balance of $178,560.

After 22 payments, our balance was $172,687.

What is the current status of your HELOC and how many months did it take you to achieve it?

I added some credit card debit to my HELOC. My original balance was $198,787.

After only 4 months, my current balance is $185,687, a reduction of $13,100.

What was your biggest concern when deciding to join RYM?

For me, it was simply understanding the numbers part of the equation. I ran through several possible scenarios, and all of them came up with positive outcomes.

How has using the RYM strategy changed your life?

RYM makes personal money management much easier.

What advice would you give to a homeowner considering trying the RYM strategy?

Crunch the numbers. It works.

About The Author

Michael Lush

Michael Lush is a mortgage industry expert, having spent fourteen years as a mortgage banker helping thousands of families with their mortgage needs. He is also a father and husband. Michael is co-author of the book Replace Your Mortgage: How To Pay Off Your Home In 5-7 Years On Just Your Current Income. Besides this blog, you can find him on Youtube where he shares more information about HELOC's.