Is This For You Or Not?

Unfortunately, this doesn't make sense for everyone and if you are like us, we can't stand wasting time so we absolutely don't want to waste yours either.

If you fit the below criteria, you would absolutely benefit from the Replace Your Mortgage method.

     You have a burning desire to pay off your home faster (not everyone does).

     You have a 640 credit score or better. 

     You have a positive cash flow. Meaning, you make more money than what is going out each month.

     You have at least 10% equity in your home. You can also purchase a home with a HELOC as well. 

We can help if this sounds like you. We invite you to explore our website to learn more.

Who We Cannot Help

You live in Texas. (sorry TX laws are different than anywhere else)

You are wanting to get a HELOC on a manufactured or mobile home.

You are upside down in your home.

Who Relies On Us

young family read the Bible in natureYoung Parents - Why? Because most parents would prefer to stay at home and raise their kids instead of having to go to a full-time job every day.

We have young children ourselves and are very aware of how fast time flies with kids. We try and spend as much time with them as possible. Many of our clients who are young parents like us, talk to us about wishing they could be at home more with their kids. We have found that if they could eliminate their biggest debt, their home, they could at the bare minimum, work a part-time job instead of a grueling full-time job.

Dollarphotoclub_37194598Soon to be Retirees or Already Retired Seniors - Why? Because most live on a fixed income and sometimes money can be tight while trying to enjoy retirement.

We have heard about the struggle from some of our senior clients about being able to retire comfortably and not having to worry about bills as much. Some would retire earlier if their house was paid off. Others who have already retired would be able to travel and mark more things off their bucket list.Paying off a home can bring in that extra money each month that allows for more opportunity to enjoy retirement and not worry so much about paying bills each month.

A contempory brick home in a subdivision.Real Estate Investors - Why? They are able to free up cash flow each month to buy more properties or enjoy more profit right away.

One of the struggles with real estate investors is cash flow. Cash is king in that business. By using a HELOC to buy properties they can pay them off much faster and build wealth much, much quicker.